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"The A-20 is a light bomber and night fighter aircraft during world War II and was manufactured by Douglas Company. The A-20G's maiden flight was on January 23, 1938 and was introduced in January 10, 1941. The A-20s were shipped in sections to Casablanca for assembly and service in France and French North Africa. The primary users and operators of the A-20 are the Soviet Air Force, US Army Air Force, Royal Air Force and the Armee de l'Air. The A-20G Havoc is a variant of the A-20 Havoc. It was delivered in February 1943 and was the most produced variant of all the series. The A-20 Havoc has four 20 mm cannon and two 0.50 in (12.7 mm) Colt-Browning machine guns, making it slightly longer than the previous versions. It also has a wider fuselage to accommodate a power driven gun turret. Many A-20Gs were delivered to the Soviet Union. It incorporates 1,600 hp (1,200 kW) R-2600-23. US A-20Gs were used on low-level sorties in the New Guinea theatre. There's a total of 7,478 A-20s built. "


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