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1/6 Black Panther Shuri Movie Masterpiece Hot Toys 903734

“The Black Panther fights for us, and I will be there beside him.”

The Princess of Wakanda, Shuri, is the leader of the Wakandan Design Group responsible for developing this African Nation’s modern technology. When the young King T’Challa is drawn into conflict that puts his homeland Wakanda and the entire world at risk, Shuri proves herself to be great backup creating a new security system and weapons, including the Panther Habits and her cool looking panther-like gauntlets.

Sideshow and Hot Toys are proud to present T’Challa’s innovative little sister – the Shuri Sixth Scale Collectible Figure from Black Panther.

Beautifully crafted based on the appearance of Letitia Wright as Shuri in the movie, the highly-accurate collectible figure features a newly developed head sculpt with detailed hair sculpture, a newly developed body, and an adorned elaborate new battle suit and neck ring. The collectible figure specially features a Wakandan pattern sash, a wide range of weapons and accessories including a pair of LED light-up Vibranium Guantlets, a spear, a Kimoyo Beads bracelet and a movie themed figure stand!

Gear up now to defend Wakanda with Shuri and her eye-catching weapons!

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Batman Vs. Harley Quinn Battle Statue Second Edition Dc Collectibles


This Batman versus Harley Quinn battle statue is reissued, retooled, repainted and better than ever! Don't miss your chance to own this epic statue, which shows Batman and Harley Quinn battling precariously atop a Joker-themed roller coaster lined with dynamite.
• Limited to 5,000 pieces and individually numbered
• Statue measures 17.5" tall

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Hellraiser Pinhead Ultimate 7 inch Figure Neca


From NECA. The leader of the Cenobites himself is the latest addition to the Ultimates line. Pinhead features an all-new sculpt and tons of nightmarish detail, from the pins in his head to the tools of torture dangling over the soft goods vinyl skirt. The figure comes with 2 interchangeable heads and both open and closed Lament Configuration puzzle boxes. Display-friendly window box with opening flap.

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1/12 Iron Giant Battle Mode Version Diecast Figure 1000 Toys INC

1000 TOYS INC.

From 1000 Toys. The Iron Giant from the classic 1999 movie is back as a fully articulated diecast toy! Built solid with diecast parts, he is designed to be the highly articulated and stiff enough to hold poses! This will be the masterpiece toy that all fans have been waiting for! This Battle Mode version comes the arm weapon seen in the movie! Battle Mode Ver will not come with the Exchangable Head parts and Exchangable Teeth included with the Standard Ver.

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Pop! Disney Onward Set of 4 Vinyl Figures by Funko

This Listing is for a Pop! Set of 4 Figures Funko
This set includes:
1X Barley Lightfoot
1X Ian Lightfoot
1x Wilden Lightfoot
1X Manticore

List Price: $43.99
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Marvel Domino Bishoujo Statue by Kotobukiya


From Kotobukiya. A character whose popularity is on the rise, the mutant with probability-altering powers, Domino is joining the BISHOUJO line! Based on the 2018 Domino comics by Gail Simone and David Baldeon, Domino's sleek modern costume is rendered into the BISHOUJO style by illustrator Shunya Yamashita. Domino's elaborate suit is painted with a combination of metallic, pearlescent, and glossy paints, and the sharpshooting mercenary wields her beloved dual pistols, looking over her shoulder with a cool, composed expression. From Shunya Yamashita's original concept art to the fine-tuned sculpt and paint job, this detail-packed figure fully embodies Domino's appeal and personality. The statue comes with a miniature doll of Domino's X-FORCE teammate Deadpool for you to display in the place of your choosing.

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Pop! Movies Billy Madison Set of 3 Vinyl Figures Funko

This Listing is for a Pop! Set of 3 Figures Funko
This set includes:

1X Penguin with Cocktail
1x Billy Madison
1X Danny McGrath

List Price: $32.99
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Sex Pistols Pvc Mini Figure Set


From Brokker. The Sex Pistols, UK's iconic punk pioneer which stole the scene in the late 1970s, join brokker! The figures' costumes are faithful reproductions of God Save The Queen stage costumes. Sid Vicious' chain necklace is independently molded, and other details like band members' instruments are meticulously perfected to the fans' delight!

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Spongebob Squarepants Dissected Vinyl Figure Mondo


From Mondo Tees. Enter Bikini Bottom, and into a pineapple under the sea for a closer look inside the life of Spongebob Squarepants. Scratch that- a closer look INSIDE Spongebob Squarepants! Bones and all! For years the only way to see artist Jason Freeny's pieces- pop-culture icons "dissected" exposing their skeletons- was either at one of his gallery shows, or images online. Now's your chance to own a full-sized version of one of his creations, and this time he's taken on Nickelodeon's squarest of square shows: Spongebob Squarepants! Each piece features Spongebob's exposed skeleton, including his squishy brain, and detachable figure stand. If nautical nonsense be something you wish, then pick up the figure with the brain you can squish! Figure measures approx. 10" in height and weighs approx. 3lbs.

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Pop! Animation Naruto Set of 4 Vinyl Figures Funko

This Listing is for a Pop! Set of 4 Figures Funko
This set includes:
1X Naturo Running
1X Gaara
1x Orochimaru
1X Lady Tsunade

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1/6 Star Wars Princess Leia Bespin MMS Hot Toys 903740

“You look absolutely beautiful. You truly belong here with us among the clouds.” -Lando Calrissian

In Star Wars: Episode V The Empire Strikes Back, after The Empire attacked the Rebel base on Hoth, Han evacuated with Leia on the Millennium Falcon and escaped the Imperial’s pursuit through an asteroid field. They sought refuge with Lando Calrissian in Cloud City of Bespin but it turns to be a trap for their friend, the young Luke Skywalker…

Sideshow and Hot Toys are delighted to present the Princess Leia Sixth Scale Collectible Figure in the Bespin gown she wore in Cloud City as the latest addition Star Wars Collectible.

The highly-accurate collectible figure is specially crafted based on the appearance of Princess Leia in Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back. It features a newly developed head sculpt with remarkable likeness and detailed hair sculpture, an elegant gown with remarkable embroidery patterns, a figure stand and a Cloud City themed backdrop.

Enrich your Star Wars collection with the new Princess Leia (Bespin) Sixth Scale Collectible Figure!

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Pop! Rocks Ice Cube #160 Vinyl Figure Funko

This Listing is for Pop! Rocks Ice Cube Vinyl Figure Funko

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1/4 The Swordsman of Mars Frazetta Legacy Serie Statue Level52 Studios

This is the grail you've been waiting for.

The Swordsman of Mars is an extraordinary 1:4 polystone statue based on one of the most iconic Frank Frazetta paintings in fantasy art history. Standing an impressive 21 inches tall, this diorama of Martian warriors in resplendent armor is a show stopper and sure to become the centerpiece of many enthusiasts' collections. The billowing vermillion cape perfectly frames the composition of figures, clad in shimmering gold and silver armor fit for royalty, while the sharp protruding forms of the chrome sword blade and helmet add an air of intimidating strength.

The attention to detail throughout Swordsman of Mars is exquisite, both in the sculpt created by the ever-talented Ehren Bienert and the scintillating paint scheme provided by Hanna Myers. This work of art will arrive in Level52 Studios' signature premium art box with polyfoam inserts and a print of the artwork that inspired the project.

A portion of the proceeds from the sale of this statue will go to support the Frazetta Art Museum and preserve Frank's legacy for the next generation of fantasy and sci-fi art fans. This edition is highly limited.

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Transformers Gen Ghostbusters Ectotron Figure Hasbro


From Hasbro Toy Group. What do you get when you cross the iconic Ecto-1 Cadillac from the 1984 Ghostbusters movie with a Transformers robot? A converting Paranormal Investigator, called Ectotron! Commemorate 35 years of both Transformers and Ghostbusters with 1 awesome figure! Convert Ecto-1 Cadillac mode to Ectotron robot mode in 22 steps. Features classic Tech Specs showing the capabilities of Ectotron, including strength, speed, and bust-abilty

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X-Men Logan Premium Format Figure Sideshow Collectibles 300708

“Please allow me to introduce myself properly- You interrupted my drink!”

It’s an all-out brawl on the bar room floor, bub! Sideshow presents the best there is at what he does, the Logan Premium Format™ Figure.

The Logan Premium Format™ Figure measures 15” tall as the ferocious mutant flexes his metal claws in the middle of a dive bar dust-up. A broken barstool, shattered bottle, and several billiards balls litter the floor of the scene, which has been carefully sculpted to mimic a scuffed and scratched wooden texture.

The polyresin Logan Premium Format™ Figure features a mixed media costume application, with carefully tailored fabric pants with meticulous stitching. His white muscle shirt is sculpted realistic textures along with wear and tear from the fight, with sculpted dog tags hanging from a chain at his neck. Wolverine’s stout and muscular physique is captured in immense detail here, with bulging veins and his signature dark and shaggy hair as he lunges forward and lets out a raging snarl.

Pair Logan with other notable members of the X-Men Collection including the Jean Grey Premium Format™ Figure and the X-23 Premium Format™ Figure to create your own ultimate mutant team-up!

SNIKT! Don’t miss your chance to sink your claws into the Logan Premium Format™ Figure and add him to your universe of Marvel collectibles.

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