1:10 Dc Comics Hawkgirl Deluxe Statue Iron Studios 907567

Iron Studios brings the Winged Champion of the Justice League!

The furious figure of the winged warrior takes flight over technological metallic debris as if she was breaking through a spaceship window. The imposing heroine advances with her mace, made of the umpteenth mystical metal capable of affecting magical creatures in her right hand. With the left fist clenched and wings spread, Hawkgirl is ready for combat.

The charismatic heroine of the justice league features a base with the hawk logo on the front. Hawkgirl was created by Gardner Fox and Dennis Neville, first appearing in Flash Comics # 1 in 1940, and has had several incarnations throughout history in the DC universe. It’s most popular version is Shayera Hol, a member of the Winged Guardians, the police squad from the planet Thanagar, next to Katar Hol, the Black Hawk. Living on Earth as an ambassador among humans, the couple of heroes became known as the “Winged Champions”.

Shayera can communicate with birds, has superhuman strength, speed in flight, hand-to-hand combat skills, durability, reflexes, and resistance on the battlefield. Her improved hearing, regeneration factor, ability to regulate her temperature, and keen eyesight, in addition to being a great observer and detective, has impressed even Batman!

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