1/12 Infinity Saga Iron Man MK44 Hulkbuster Deluxe Figure Threezero

From Threezero. Threezero is excited to announce the second figure from Marvel Studio's The Infinity Saga series, DLX Iron Man Mark 44 "Hulkbuster" armor! This fully-articulated 1/12 scale collectible figure stands at 11 3/4" tall and features threezero's renowned DLX die-cast system with over 65 points of articulation. This DLX Iron Man Mark 44 "Hulkbuster" armor is specially designed to have a wide range of motion, particularly the signature landing pose. The exterior chest armor and the head of Mark 44 can be opened and the interior panels can slide apart to insert the torso of the Iron Man Mark 43 (sold separately) figure inside. Together, the two figures form the impressive Hulkbuster. The figure has three lighting functions located on the chest, the back, and the eyes; and features functional forearm armor. It includes three pairs of interchangeable hands: One pair of fists, one pair of relaxed hands, and one pair posed for shooting. Iron Man Mark 43 figure not included.

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