1/1200 Diorama Robotech SDF-1 Macross Kids Logic 908059

Sideshow and Kids Logic are proud to present the SDF-1 Macross 1:1200 Scale Diorama Vacuum Tube Digital Sound System.

According to the 82 animation TV program, SDF-1 is set for launch in February 2009. During the launching ceremony, the opposing faction of the ancient star war was approaching the earth and the newly christened SDF-1 Macross automatically activated the main cannon of the SDF-1 Macross, it fires from the surface of the Earth and destroys two alien ships, the story of Macross then begins. SDF-1 is the center of the story, all of the loves, the battles, and the acts of revenge are started from the ship, as one of the entheastic fans of Robotech, building the ship is our greatest mission, it is just a matter of how it would be built!

Featuring over 200 LED lights, the SDF-1 also includes a sound system with a Bluetooth receiver, 2 full-range drivers, 1 subwoofer driver, and 2 channels vacuum tube amplification.

A must-have for Robotech fans!

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Available: 2nd Quarter, 2022
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