1/4 Street Fighter III Ultra Ibuki Statue Pop Culture Shock

Ibuki burst onto the scene in the Street Fighter III: New Generation game. Her lightning fast attacks and colorful personality made her an instant favorite in the fighting game community.

Born in a secret ninja village, hidden away from the outside world, Ibuki began her training in Ninjitsu as a child. Her clean design and highflying move set made her an ideal choice for PCS's Ultra line of 1:4 statues!

“Collectors have been clamoring for an Ibuki statue for years.” says PCS Creative Director Jerry Macaluso “and the Ultra line of 1:4 Scale statues was the perfect fit for such an exciting character. Her fighting style in the games is so dynamic; she’s bouncing off the sides of the screen and knocking players twice her size across the stage with a single charged up punch! That’s the energy we wanted to capture with this piece.”

Ibuki has been fully sculpted using the latest in digital technology and engineering. PCS artists referenced the actual in-game models for Ibuki to perfectly capture the subtle details that make her such a fun character!

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