1/400 Space Shuttle "Atlantis" w/SRB STS-71 by Dragon

1/400 Space Shuttle "Atlantis" w/SRB STS-71 - Memorable Missions of Space Shuttle (Space)
- Highly detailed
- True to 1/400
- Highly collectible
- High quality diecast construction
- New stand for vertical display

NASA’s Space Shuttle fleet consisted of six craft, and the fourth operational spacecraft was Atlantis (OV-104). In fact, it was manufactured in approximately half the time needed to produce Columbia (the first Space Shuttle to fly into space), plus it was some 3.5 tons lighter. This Space Shuttle built by Rockwell International was delivered to NASA in 1985 and it undertook its maiden flight into space in October the same year. One of its most notable missions (STS-71) commenced on 27 June 1995, when the spacecraft blasted off from the Kennedy Space Center, docking to the Russian Mir Space Station.

The 80-ton Atlantis was the final Space Shuttle to fly, its last mission blasting off on 8 July 2011 before it joined the rest of the fleet in retirement. Atlantis had orbited the Earth a staggering 4,848 times and traveled some 126 million miles by the time of its well-earned retirement. However, STS-71 remains one of the most enduring milestones of the craft’s career. Collectors can celebrate Atlantis’ legacy with a fine 1/400 scale model from Dragon Wings. In remarkable and accurate detail, the model represents Atlantis as it appeared on this important mission.

Available: July
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