1/6 Accessories M-051 Russian Spetsnaz-Officer of FSB Alfa w Assault

ltyn helmets with bulletproof glass mask vx600 Radio
3 hole balaclava
Gorka E Autumn Mountain Division gowns + pants
Fluorescent Recognition arm sleeve Short-sleeved t-shirt
Twill Molle defender-2 black bulletproof vest (with a girdle)
Radio pouch
Rapid Reload AK mag Pouch x4
Double AK Mag Pouch
Double Pistol mag pouch
RGO attack grenade x2
Double Grenade pouch
BACK pouch FSB patch
flag patch
Magazine dump drop pouch
Tactical Drop Leg MOLLE Platform
Russian AK-104 Assault Rifle
75round drum Magazine x1
AK47 30rd Magazine x8
SpecterDR Weapon Sight
Quick Detachable Double rail AK Side Mount
SF-m962 tactical lights with tail line switch US mod grip stock cushion AK gun sling
Stechkin APS automatic pistol

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Action Figure and Head not included
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