1/6 Crown Knight 12-inch Female Fantasy SG Toys

Unlike the male knights, it was virtually unimaginable to see women taking part in medieval battles or commanding battalions of soldiers, but there are exceptions. Joan of Arc is the most famous. Some wore armour, others commanded troops, and some were members of an official order of chivalry. One woman to wear full armour into battle was the Duchess Gaita of Lombardy (also called Sikelgaita), who rode beside her Norman mercenary husband, Robert Guiscard. She was a knight in her own right. Another was Petronilla de Grandmesnil, Countess of Leicester; wearing a mail hauberk with a sword and a shield, she defended her lands from Henry II of England. She and her husband participated in the rebellion in 1173 against King Henry II.

Features: Head sculpt, Body, Shoulder armour, Upper leg armor, Leg guard, Shoes, Hand type x4, Inner liner lock nail head cover, Lined armour, Inner liner, Trousers, Great sword, Long sword, Anterior chest armor, Posterior chest armor, Helmet, Neck protection, War flag, Shield

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