1/6 Dexter Morgan Collectible Action Figure Flashback FB 6765 908720

“People think it’s fun to pretend you’re a monster. Me, I spend my life pretending I’m not.”

From the award-winning crime drama, Dexter comes the officially licensed Dexter Morgan sixth scale figure. This highly detailed collectible menacingly captures the forensic technician’s double life. With two head sculpts, two sets of clothing, and a variety of accessories, you can display him as Dexter; the law-abiding everyman, or as the Dark Passenger; his deeply unflinching alter ego.

“I’m a very neat monster”

One (1) Dexter Morgan head sculpt
One (1) Dark Passenger head sculpt
One (1) fully articulated muscular figure body
Nine (9) pairs of hands including:
- Five (5) gloved hands
- Four (4) ungloved hands
Clothing and Accessories:

For Dexter:
One (1) Pink shirt
One (1) Pair of pants
One (1) Watch
One (1) Badge
One (1) Messenger Bag
One (1) Pair of shoes
For the Dark Passenger:
One (1) Green top
One (1) Pair of sleeves
One (1) Pair of pants
One (1) Apron
One (1) Pair of shoes
One (1) Dexter’s knife roll, including ten (10) of the killer’s tools
One (1) Dexter's blood slide box
One (1) Syringe

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Available: 2nd Quarter, 2022
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