1/6 Erik Killmonger N'Jadaka Casual Wear Figure YR012

Product Details :

Head sculpture and body accessories:
★ Calm expression x 1
★ Replacement hairstyle x3 pieces
★ Eric's special body x1
★ Hand x4 pairs

Clothing accessories pt.1
★ White T-shirt x1
★ Denim jacket x1
★ Pants x1 pair

★ Glasses x1
★ Bead necklace x2 pieces

★ hiking boots x1 pair

Clothing accessories pt.2
★ Blue long-sleeved t-shirt x1
★ Tactical vest x1 piece (including breastplate and shoulder armor)

★ Tactical belt x1
★ Camouflage overalls x1
★ Necklace and ring x1

★ Army boots x1 pair

Other Accessories
★ Mask x1
★ Pistol x1pcs Magazine x3pcs
★ Grenade x2 pieces Safety buckle x1 pieces Dagger x1 pieces
★ grenade gun x1 piece grenade x1 piece magazine x5 piece

★ Modeling platform x1 piece

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Available: 4th Quarter, 2022
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