1/6 Female Caucasian Skintone Body VCF-FX05B By Very Cool

I am extremely grateful to everybody for your preference over the VERYCOOL female topics. The upgrade has been made
on the basis of the original female ferrite in order to satisfy the different needs of the players with the great attempt to
make the players at ease over the quality and be satisfied with the price.We have richer device. A girl with long legs will be
shown in front of you immediately. VERYCOOL gave us some tips that the ordinary Joint ferrite with high mobility will be
the best if It is the military topic. It is extremely right to select this style whose legs and arms are steel reinforced plastic
bags if the fashionable girls expose their arms and legs .As the price is very preferential and eye-catching.In addition.the
skin color is also the issue with which everybody concerns.A - color is the whitening skin.B - color is suitable to European
and American topics. that is the wheat color. which is appropriate to the head of brands like HT etc in the market.C - color
is the Asian skin color.D - color is suitable to the South Korean head skin color in the market.The chest types are still two
styles of big - sized breast and middle-sized breast. Several pictures will be initially shown to everybody and the price
excludes the head. Thanks for everyone's attention!
Product List:
1. Female Body (HEAD NOT INCLUDED)
2. Hands x 8
3. Black Gloved Hands x 3
4. Flat Feet x 1 Pair
5. Heeled Feet x 1 Pair
6. Ankle Connectors x 1 Pair
7. Ball Joints x 1 Pair
8. Long Ball Joint connectors x 1 P

Available: 3rd Quarter, 2022
SKU: 1/6 Female Caucasian Skintone Body VCF-FX05B By Very Cool-92767
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