1/6 Lady Dragon in the Moonlight "Dou Zhan Shen" DZS-002 Very Cool

Original from the blue endless ocean, her mood was elusive like the deep sea. Getting out of the dust of world attributed to her noble ancestry, she had a heart being touched easily and maintaining her purity in mind.

She was proud of being born in Dragon Clan. Wind would blow if she lifted her sleeves, clouds would roar if she stepped forwards; it would rain when she got sad, the sky would thunder when she became angry.

Even in thousands of miles away, anything would vanish in a flash, when she moved her light body and shook fingers with a smile. Many people admired her beauty even the gods were also envy with her blood.

In pursuit of freedom and not willing to lonely life in the deep sea, she left the Dragon Palace. When she saw him in the dust world in her first moment, she knew she would never go back in her life. For the love of her life, she would rather abandon everything, silently with his companions. No matter how hard the life was, she had no regrets. She knew how hard it was to find a loved one in her life. Having a true love and been able to devote her whole life, it was already ultimate bliss for her.

- Real like Head Sculpt with Rooted Hair
- Pair of Dragon Horns x 1
- Super Flexible Stainless Steel Skeleton Seamless Body (Large Bust) x 1
- Posing Hand x 8
- Scarf with Embedded Wire on Edge x 1
- Genuine Leather Waist Strap x 1
- Genuine Leather Carved Surfaced Loin Cloth x 1
- Pair of Arm Sleeve x 1
- Pair of Arm Guards x 1
- Pair of Knee Guards x 1
- Pair of High Heels with Red Rope x 1
- Coat x 1
- Pants x 1
- Pair of Long Socks x 1
- Sword x 3
- Pair of Carved Surface Scabbard x 3
- Dart x 4

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