1/6 Real Masterpiece NBA Basketball Hoop Accessory by Enterbay

From Enterbay. To enrich Enterbay’s Real Masterpiece NBA collection, fans can purchase this newly developed 1/6 Scale Basketball Hoop with shot clock. Referenced from the actual size and design of a real basketball hoop, this innovative product will help collectors create endless fun with Enterbay’s NBA Collection figurines. Topped by a high-definition transparent acrylic plastic board and an orange hoop of high quality metal, with rope nets that can rebound automatically, the pillar is wrapped in soft, high-quality EVA sponge and also comes with a high quality metal casting base to secure a stable display. It also has a special paint effect that gives a better texture. The electronic shot clock at the top can be set to different modes, and can even produce the end of game signal (battery not included).

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SKU: 1/6 Real Masterpiece NBA Michael Jordan Chicago Bulls Figure Enterbay-71823
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