1/6 Real Masterpiece NBA Collection Dennis Rodman Enterbay

Dennis Rodman is one of the best defensive players ever seen in the NBA, and now, thanks to Enterbay, he can be part of your team too! The newly developed body accurately reflects Rodman's actual height, being 33cm (about 13 inches) tall. Two amazingly accurately sculpted heads are included: one with a serious "game face" and red hair (with the Chicago Bulls logo dyed into the back!), and one smiling face and green-and-black hair. In addition, he has 10 interchangeable hands, including one magnetized pair for holding a basketball; the ball is also included and is also magnetized. Two trophies are also included, as are two Chicago Bulls team uniforms with Rodman's number 91 (home and away versions), two pairs of socks, two pairs of sneakers, and a stand with the Chicago Bulls logo. Don't miss this chance to add a living legend to your collection!

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