1/6 Real Masterpiece NBA Michael Jordan All Star Game 1996 Enterbay

- A new facial expression head sculpt of museum-like representation of Michael Jordan with authentic likeness

- The head sculpt is hand-painted with newly developed "multi layer" paint application.

- Newly developed Michael Jordan (1996 All Star Game Version) body with 30 points of articulations and well-developed PVC materials, the figurine's height is according to Jordan's actual height


- 9 pieces of newly developed Michael Jordan signature interchangeable hands. (Including a pair with magnets inside)

- 1 / 6 scale Spalding basketball with magnet inside X 1

- All Star Game 1996 MVP Trophy X 1

- Official Number 23 1996 Eastern All-Stars Team Jersey with shorts X 1

- White Elbow band X 1

- Black leg band X 1

- Black Basketball Tights X 1

- A pair of white socks with NBA logo

- A pair of Jordan player edition sneakers (Air Jordan 11)

- Special developed figurines stand which can be easily twist and curl with base printed with All Star Game 1996 logo X 1

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