1/6 Scale Jujutsu Kaisen Figzero Nobara Kugisaki Figure Threezero

From Threezero. Threezero's FigZero Jujutsu Kaisen series features highly-poseable 1/6th scale figures with detailed head sculpts and tailor-made outfits! The FigZero 1/6 Nobara Kugisaki is approximately 10.6 inches (27cm) tall, and is a fully-articulated collectible figure with over 32 points of articulation. The head is sculpted by renowned sculptor Akinori Takaki, and the costume includes a white shirt, Jujutsu High jacket, Jujutsu High skirt, and stockings, which are all made of fabric. The figure comes with three interchangeable faceplates (a neutral face, angry face, and smirking face), two interchangeable hair pieces (standard hair and disheveled hair), and six sets of interchangeable hands. Additional accessories include one waist bag, one hammer, three nails, one straw doll, one toy hammer, one pair of shoes, and jujutsu effects pieces for the hammer and nails.


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