1/6 Scale Modern Batman Figure Deluxe Version Star Ace SA0103

The 1/6th scale Modern Batman collectible figure features:
• 1/6 scale body (approximately 30 cm tall) with over 30 points of articulation.
• Fully realized authentic likeness of Modern Batman & Bruce Wayne in the animated movie Batman Ninja (2018). The portraits are specially hand painted and features detailed skin texture and accurate facial expressions.
• Illuminated Helmet with light up function.
• Armor with light up function

• Head
o One (1) Modern Batman normal face expression
o Additional one (1) Bruce Wayne head (Deluxe version only)

• Hands
o One (1) pair of open hands
o One (1) pair of fists
o One (1) left hand for holding batarang
o One (1) Left hand for holding grappling gun
o Additional one (1) right hand for holding spear (Deluxe version Only)

• Costume
o One (1) Inner black shirt
o One (1) Leather jacket
o One (1) Leather pants
o One (1) cape
o One (1) neck armor
o One (1) Chest Armor
o One (1) Waist armor
o One (1) Breast plate
o One (1) pair of arm armor
o One (1) pair of shoulder armor
o One (1) pair of Waist Armor
o One (1) removable cowl piece
o One (1) pair of boots

• Accessories
• One (1) Batarang
• Cowl with magnetic on/off function for light
• One (1) Grappling Gun and hook (removeable)
• Light-up chest armor

Additional Accessories for Deluxe version:
• One (1) The Quake Engine
• One (1) spear
• One (1) Japanese arrest warrant
• One (1) Straw hat and cape
• One (1) Bruce Wayne head


List Price: $329.99
Available: 4th Quarter, 2021
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