1/6 Scale The Walking Dead Morgan Jones Season 7 Figure ThreeZero

Morgan's pursuit of peace came crashing down when his dilemma with Richard and the Saviors came to a head. The balance he had so desperately fought to preserve has been skewed once again. With fresh blood on his hands and war looming, Morgan's sanity hangs by a thread, and his war path will leave many fallen in the wake.
The Walking Dead – 1/6 Morgan Jones (Season 7) collectible figure stands approximately 12" (~29.5cm) tall with a fully-articulated body, featuring likeness to his on-screen appearance. The figure includes tailored weathered clothing and is equipped with full set of armor pads, several sets of exchangeable hands provided for holding varied weapons. Accessories include Wooden Staff, Rifle with Sights, Pistol, and Hunting Knife.

- ~12" (29.5 cm) tall fully-articulated figure
- Realistic headsculpt featuring the likeness to the character as portrayed in the series

- Navy Long-sleeved Shirt
- White Undershirt
- Khaki Pants
- Boots

- Vest
- Breastplate
- Shoulder Pads
- Bicep Pads
- Elbow Pads
- Forearm Guards
- Kneepads
- Shin Guards

- One Wooden Stick
- One Rifle with Sights
- One Pistol with holster
- One Hunting Knife with sheath

Exchangeable hands:
- One pair of Relaxed hands
- One pair of Fists
- One pair for holding Firearms
- One pair for holding Staff

※ Final product may vary from prototype images.
⚠ WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD — This is not a toy. This product contains small parts, and is intended for ages 15 Years +

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