1/6 Sixth Scale Willy Wonka Action Figure by Molecule8

“Now over here, if you’ll follow me,

I have something rather special to show you.”

To capture the complex nature of Willy Wonka,

a gentle genius with a decidedly dark sense of

humor, Molecule8 ‘s creative team has been hard

at work developing miniature versions of Wonka’s

head, outfit and special movie-related accessories

for fans to cherish.

Wonka’s is a world of swirling wonders to behold,

and we’ve honored that experience with a realistic

miniature version of Willy Wonka, carefully

researched and lovingly recreated in 1:6 scale.

12” Willy Wonka figure with 30 points of


Two (2) interchangeable head expressions

Four (4) interchangeable hand poses

Purple velvet texture coat

Waistcoat with custom printed fabric and

golden buttons

Tan bow tie

White dress shirt

Tailored tan trousers

Detailed cane accessory

Top hat specially designed to fit on Wonka

figure’s head

Detailed boots with magnetic soles

White tempered glass display stand with

magnetic feature

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