1/6 Unforgiven William Munny Clint Eastwood Figure Sideshow 100478

1/6 Unforgiven William Munny Clint Eastwood Figure Sideshow 100478

“It’s a hell of a thing, killin’ a man. You take away all he’s got, and all he’s ever gonna have.”

Sideshow presents the William Munny Sixth Scale Figure, a highly anticipated addition to the Clint Eastwood Legacy Collection. This officially licensed figure has been meticulously designed in celebration of the actor’s extensive career in film and is personally approved by Eastwood himself.

Inspired by Eastwood’s critically acclaimed, multi-award winning film Unforgiven, the William Munny Sixth Scale Figure captures the aging outlaw’s rugged appearance as he returns for one last bounty hunting job. The figure features a carefully crafted and unique portrait that reflects Eastwood’s aged appearance, complete with injuries, facial hair, and a steely-eyed gaze beneath the brim of his non-removable hat. William Munny wears a highly accurate, custom-tailored fabric costume extensively based on the screen-used costume, which our artists had access to during the creation process. The figure is dressed in weathered black pants, a red collared shirt, a black neckerchief, a faux-leather belt, and a duster jacket with two colored buttons as seen in the film. Munny can be displayed with or without the jacket, and the gun holster around his waist can be removed as well.

Pose William Munny in dramatic and dynamic action stances to recreate your favorite Clint Eastwood movie moments on your shelf. The William Munny Sixth Scale Figure is fully articulated to allow for numerous display options using his accompanying hand and weapon accessories. This wizened killer comes with two revolvers, a double barrel shotgun, a rifle, a whiskey bottle, and a whiskey glass. He also includes 10 hands in total for interacting with his accessories and recreating iconic moments from the highly celebrated cinematic outing. A pair of sculpted boots with spurs completes the figure’s detailed look, giving fans and cinephiles a head-to-toe authentic and accurate Clint Eastwood collectible for their collection.

Developed and produced in direct collaboration with Clint Eastwood to ensure faithfulness and accuracy, fans won’t want to miss an opportunity to bring home other figures in the Legacy Collection, including Harry Callahan, The Man with No Name, the Outlaw Josey Wales, and The Preacher. Get a closer look at how the collection came to life with an Inside Look at Sideshow's Clint Eastwood Legacy Collection.

Out of Missouri and into your collection — bring home the William Munny Sixth Scale Figure from Sideshow’s Clint Eastwood Legacy Collection today.

The William Munny Sixth Scale Figure features:
Headsculpt of Clint Eastwood, as seen in Unforgiven
Tailored Costume, including:
Weathered black pants
Red collared shirt
Black neckerchief
Faux-leather belt
Removeable duster jacket
Boots with spurs
Ten (10) total hands
Gun holster
Two (2) Revolvers
Double barrel shotgun
Whiskey bottle
Whiskey glass

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Available: 4th Quarter, 2024
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1/6 Unforgiven William Munny Clint Eastwood Figure Sideshow 100478
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