1/6 Verycool VCL-1001 Accessories Series Catlady Set

*The product doesn't contain body.
*The Leather bodysuit is exclusively made of super stretch fabric by VC, so far no discoloration has been found. If you have bought "Sniper-Little Sister"(VC-TJ-02A/B) before, you can take a look, and the fabric has no signs of aging after a few years of using.
*It is suitble for TBLeague Super-flexible female seamless body:PLMB2017-S23B Female body(Medium breast、Wheat、Muscle);PLMB2017-S19B Female body(Medium breast、Wheat);TBLeague Large breast female seamless body:PLLB2017-S21B(Wheat

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Available: 4th Quarter, 2019
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SKU: 1/6 Verycool VCL-1001 Accessories Series Catlady Set-112111
Product Warnings: 
body is not included
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