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"The AD-6 (A-1H), also known as “SPAD (an acronym, as in ""Single Place Attack, Douglas"")”, was a U.S. single-seat attack bomber manufactured by Douglas Aircraft Company. The prototype of the Skyraider was first flown on March 18 1945 then it was first introduced in the year 1950s. The A1 Skyraider first saw combat in the Korean War, where its long loiter time and heavy load-hauling capability gave it a distinct utility advantage over the jet aircraft of the time. A total of 3,180 Skyraiders were built during its last production in 1957. The A-1H Skyraider version of the A1 Skyraider is equipped with four 20 mm guns. The guns were installed on the wings of the aircraft. The A-1H Skyraider can carry any different types of bombs, gun pods, mines on its external wing stations. It can also have fuel tanks for long range missions. The A-H was one of the last versions of Skyraider aside from the AD-7. A-1H Skyraider is a single-seat aircraft that have three dive breaks. A total of 713 were built. It has a maximum speed of 320 miles per hour and is equipped with 4 x 20 mm of cannons. The primary mission of the A-1H Skyraider is to support the ground forces of the Army. Its compartment in the middle can be equipped with passenger seats and for carrying heavy cargo. In Vietnam War, the United States Army Air Force used it mostly on air support role. It was efficient in giving some back up for rescue tasks. In September 1 1968, Colonel William A. Jones flew an A-1H Skyraider. He was awarded with a Medal of Honor because he had returned to his base and informed the position of a downed flight crew member even he suffered on burns and have damages in his attack bomber. "


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