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"The Apollo is a human spaceflight program by NASA and its primary goal is to conduct manned moon landing missions. In 1960, the Apollo program was originally conceived during the Eisenhower Administratation, as a follow-up to America's Mercury program. The Apollo spacecraft was designed as part of the Apollo Program, by the United States in the early 1960s. Apollo is made up of multiple units or stages that worked together to perform the mission of landing on the moon and returning to earth safely. The main components of the spacecraft were the launch escape system, the Command Module, the Service Module, the Lunar Module and the lunar module adapter. The Command Module was the control center for the Apollo spacecraft and living quarters for the crew. The Service Module is a portion of the spacecraft that was unpressurized and contained fuel cells, batteries, high gain antenna, radiators, water, oxygen, hydrogen, reaction control system and propellant to enter and leave lunar orbit. The Lunar Module is the portion of the Apollo spacecraft that landed on the moon and returned to lunar orbit and is divided into two major parts, the Descent Module and the Ascent Module."

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