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"The B-24 Liberator is an American heavy bomber built by Consolidated Aircraft. It was produced in great numbers during World War II and was used by many Allied air forces and every US branch of service during the war. The B-24 Liberator was first deployed to the United Kingdom to utilize its long-range capabilities. In June 1942, American B-24s entered combat with a raid of 13 aircraft launched from Egypt which targeted the German-built synthetic oil refinery at Ploisti, Romania. Though it was considered unsuccessful. On August 1, 1943, 178 B-24s attacked Ploesti again and 53 failed to return. Liberator squadrons were deployed to theaters in Africa, Europe, the Atlantic, India and the Pacific. In 1942 to 1943, B-24's production increased dramatically. The B-24's long operating range made it suitable for maritime patrol, antisubmarine, reconnaissance, tanker, cargo and personnel transport. By September 1945, there were 18,482 B-24 Liberators built. The B-24J is very similar to the B-24H, although the defensive improvements made in the B-24H weren't incorporated in the B-24J. The B-24J featured an improved autopilot and a bombsight of the M-1 series. B-24H sub-assemblies made by Ford and constructed by other companies and any model with a C-1 or M-1 retrofit, were all designated B-24Js. B-24J has a crew of 7-10. It has a maximum speed of 290 mph and a cruising speed of 215 mph. It has 10x 0.50 in M2 Browning machine guns. "


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