B-24J Liberator (Silver) AB24ST 1/62 Scale Model by Toys & Models

"The B-24J Liberator is one of the variants of the liberators and the largest amount of liberators ever produced. All in all there are 6,678 B-24Js produced. The aircraft is somewhat similar to the B-24G and H models. The only difference between the B-24J and the two models is the autopilot and bombsight feature. The defensive modifications completed in the B-24H were not included in the B-24J model. The B-24J has an improved Type C1 autopilot and an M-1 series bombsight. In 1944, the Army predicts a lesser amount of demands for Liberators. They regulated that the three plants be freed up for new purposes. In 1945, only Ford-Willow Run and Convair-San Diego continued developing B-24 aircrafts. The B-24J Liberator is a heavy bomber aircraft that was produced in large numbers during the Second World War. It served war in the Pacific, Middle Eastern, European and African theaters and gained a record in its action. "


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