Batman Killing Joke: The Joker One Bad Day ArtFX Statue Kotobukiya

From Kotobukiya. One day, having lost all emotional support, a Red Hood Gang member is being hunted down by Batman. Cornered with nowhere to run, the man jumps into a river in a frantic attempt to escape. However, chemicals in the water from the Ace Chemical Processing Plant bleach his skin white, his hair bright green, and his lips red. Seeing his reflection in the water, the man stumbles to his feet and lets out an endless howling laugh, thus transforming into a madman. Kotobukiya has worked hard on bringing this whole unforgettable sequence from The Killing Joke to life. From the worst of his many terrible tragedies, The Joker from his one bad day has been vibrantly reimagined into a statue. The coloring was done based on the 20th anniversary monochrome version of the graphic novel, which featured recoloring by the artist himself. This statue comes with a special base and can be displayed straight out of the package.


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