Batman Unlimited New 52 Set of 3 Action Figure by Mattel

From the pages of The New 52 comes everyone's favorite female sidekick of the Caped Crusader, Barbara Gordon - AKA Batgirl! Re-introduce yourself to Batgirl with this Batman Unlimited action figure! This 7-inch scale action figure features amazing detail, articulation, and a true to her re-launched look!

Arch nemesis of Batman, The Penguin, has gone through many different looks over the years. But nothing can prepare you for the return of this Batman Unlimited Penguin action figure! This Penguin features the classic villain in his classic comic costume! The light blue classic comic look makes its comeback in 7-inch form, with amazing detail and articulation. Penguin comes with his umbrella gun, in light blue, yellow, and red design - just like you remember from the Kenner Super Powers action figure line!

The Caped Crusader in his The New 52 design! The Batman Unlimited Batman New 52 Redeco action figure stands 7-inches tall in amazing detail and articulation. Batman is shown here in his shiny Batsuit.

This Listing is for a set of 3 Action Figures:
1x Batman.
1x Penguin.
1x Batgirl.

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