Berserk Isidro Statue Prime 1 Studio 903879

“I am going to be the strongest swordsman in the world!”

Sideshow and Prime 1 Studio are proud to present the Isidro Statue from Berserk. Isidro is a cheeky and hot-headed young vagabond who ran away from home in search of adventure. He has always dreamed of being if not a soldier, the best mercenary warrior of his time.

The inspiration for his ambitions is the legend “Hundred Man Slayer” who fought in the original Band of the Falcon. Although Guts has never revealed to Isidro that he is in fact the young boy’s idol. Being a younger member of Guts traveling party, Isidro is training under Guts, hoping to achieve his dream of becoming the greatest swordsman in the world. Isidro stands about 21 inches tall with the Puck on, 20 inches without.

The Isidro statue is a must-have for any Berserk or manga fans!

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Available: 2nd Quarter, 2022
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