Big Bang Theory Sheldon Q-Pop Figures Quantom Mechanix

Sheldon Cooper tried it on his roommate, Leonard Hofstadter. Now he wants to try using his powers to make your head explode, too!

From the hit TV series The Big Bang Theory, Sheldon's our favorite theoretical physicist: a textbook narcissist with almost no social skills, an obsession with rules and an occasional flash of humanity that makes him utterly endearing.

In Episode 9 of Season 1, "The Cooper-Hofstadter Polarization," Sheldon puts his fingers to his temples in an attempt to blow up Leonard's head during a fight at a scientific conference.

It's a classic Sheldon pose that designer Mohammad "Hawk" Haque has captured in our Q-Pop™ figure, which stands about 5 inches tall and is made of PVC. As with all our Q-Pop figures, Sheldon comes with a word bubble and special marker, so that you can add quotes.

Available: May
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