Captain Action Dr. Evil Deluxe Figure by Round Two

Captain Action Dr. Evil Deluxe Action Figure:

Dr. Evil, a menacing alien complete with his traditional creepy exposed brain, served as the original antagonist to Captain Action in the 1960's. Just as Captain Action can assume the identities of popular heroes, the new Dr. Evil will assume the identities of villians via costume sets.

This all new super poseable Dr. Evil Action figure is 11.5 in tall and features an updated more poseable body and improved face and brain sculpt!

This DELUXE specialty market exclusive Dr. Evil includes:

Cloth costume, medallion, boots, Dr. Tracy mask, laser gun.

PLUS BONUS: flesh colored neck piece to hide blue skin, extra fesh colored hands, hypnotic eye with base 11" by 17" diagram of hypnotic eye, wrapped lidded retro photo box.

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