Captain America The First Avenger Concept Combat 3.75" by Hasbro

CAPTAIN AMERICA will brave the harshest blizzard in order to protect the virtues of justice and truth. With only his snowboard and rocket launcher, CAPTAIN AMERICA is ready to shred down the mountain and destroy any villain that threatens the peace and well-being of his homeland.

The bravest heroes will fight in any kind of weather, and this CAPTAIN AMERICA figure is that kind of hero! Dressed in a tough winter coat and boots, you can send your CAPTAIN AMERICA figure into battle in the worst of blizzards and he'll emerge victorious. When it's time for the chase, you can put him on his snowboard, then put his "rocket-powered" launcher on his shoulder for an all-out assault! Winter victory is yours!

Figure comes with rocket launcher, missile and snowboard.

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