Dc Comics 1/6 Scale The Joker Figure Sideshow Collectibles 100426

“I don’t hate you because I’m crazy… I’m crazy because I hate you!”

Sideshow is proud to present The Joker Sixth Scale Figure.

The Joker Sixth Scale Figure features an intricately-tailored fabric costume that includes a purple suit jacket and pants, an orange vest, a black dress shirt, and a green bow tie. He has a sculpted lapel flower, shoes with sculpted spats, and ten different gloved hands including a pair of grip hands, a pair of fists, a pair of card-holding hands, and additional hands for pointing, holding his cane and gun, and a hand with a gag buzzer.

The Joker Sixth Scale articlated Figure has a portrait is inspired by his DC Comics appearance, detailed with his signature makeup, coiffed green hair, and a sinister red-lipped smile. The figure comes with a number of accessories including The Joker card, a cane, a crowbar, a knife, and a toy pistol with “Bang” and “CLICK CLICK CLICK” flags.

Terrorize the town and get the best of Batman when you add The Joker Sixth Scale Figure to your DC collection today!

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