Embraer Legacy Flight Options 1/48 Scale Model KELTR by Toys & Models

Embraer Legacy Flight Options 1/48 Scale Model KELTR by Toys & Models

"The Legacy was manufactured by Embraer, a Brazilian aircraft manufacturer and produces commercial, military, and corporate aircraft. Legacy was first launched in July of 2000, the. Few months after it was launched, the Legacy made its maiden flight from the company’s plant in San Jose dos Campos. The Embraer Legacy is super mid-size corporate and executive jet derived from the ERJ-135 and ERJ-145 commercial regional jetliners, with the Legacy Corporate Shuttle configured with up to 19 seats and the Legacy Executive with up to 15 seats. The only changes from its derivative include the addition of winglets and fuselage strakes, underbelly and cargo compartment tanks, higher-rated turbofan engines, new fuel system, higher maximum Mach operation (MMO), an entirely new main cabin and advanced avionics suite. The aircraft has a circular cross-section fuselage, rear-mounted high by-pass ratio engines, low mounted swept wings and a T-tail plane. The wings are of two-spar wing design with a third spar to support the landing gear. The wing leading edges are made of aluminum. The wings are fitted with winglets, which provide increased lift and improved efficiency with reduced drag of the tip vortex. The T-tail is of aluminum box construction with aluminum leading edges on the tail plane. The fin leading edge is of composite construction. The Legacy is powered by higher rated engines than the ERJ-135 aircraft. The Legacy Executive aircraft has two rear mounted Rolls-Royce engines AE 3007A1P turbofan engines rated at 3,368kg and mounted on pylons supplied by Sonaca of Belgium. International Nacelle Systems supplied the engine nacelles and the optional clamshell thrust reversers. The engines are fitted with full authority digital engine control (FADEC) and the engine air intakes are fitted with an engine bleed air anti-icing system.. "

Scale: 1/48 scale model

Wing Span: 17.50

Length: 21.50


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Embraer Legacy Flight Options 1/48 Scale Model KELTR by Toys & Models
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