F-4F-4 Wildcat 1/32 Scale Model AF4FT by Toys & Models

"The F4F-4 Wildcat entered the US Navy service in 1942. The carrier has six guns and folding wings that allow more people to get on board. Although it performed the most combat service during the early war days, F4F Wildcat was less popular with the American pilots because of the additional guns which caused the decrease of firing time as the same amount of ammunition was spread to it. The F4F-4 can accommodate only 1 crew. It has a length of 28 ft and 9 in or 8.8 m; wingspan of 38 ft or 11.6 m; height of 9 ft and 2.5 in or 2.8 m; and weight of 5,760 lb (when empty). F4F Wildcat has a maximum speed of 320mph and rate of climbing 1,950 ft/min. It also has six M2 Browning machine guns and two bombs. The F4F-4 broke the dominance of the Japanese Zero. Grumman became known as the Ironworks because of its strongly designed aircrafts that were tremendously damaged but were still able to fly home. "

Scale: 1/32 scale model

Wing Span: 10.75

Length: 14.25


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