"Freddie Girls" - Fred Moore Girl Statue - Blonde Version

Known primarily as a premiere animator for such studios as Disney and Walter Lantz, Fred Moore was equally known for his drawings of alluring females. Based on his provocative sketches, the Moore Girl maquette, in either Blonde or Raven-haired versions, both exquisitely sculpted by Kent Melton, are bombshell additions to any collection! These sculptures are of the highly sought-after "Freddie Girls," pin-up babes drawn by Fred Moore primarily in the 1940's. They were mostly nude (thus sought-after by the male horndogs at the studio), and they utilized all of Moore's talents for fluidity, charm, appeal, and great posing, although channeled for a slightly different (ahem) purpose. Standing 9 1/4" tall, these statues feature a design that is as confidently audacious as it is supple.

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