Ghastly Graves Shellys Monster Statue by Quarantine Studio

Quarantine Studio is proud to introduce another new series of collectibles. This line is presented as tributes to the great masters of horror fiction, depicting the visceral fear created the greatest writers of the genre. Ghastly Graves will be a continuing collection of horrific statues, as we start things off with our premier edition, Shelley's Creation. This figure gives life to the vision of terror created by Mary Shelley, in her 1818 novel, Frankenstein. Stitches pattern his second-hand flesh as this brutal beast walks among the dead, lumbering through a graveyard in search of unknowns. Every Ghastly Graves edition includes hyper detailed sculpting, nauseating colors, and a gravestone tribute to the author, including an epitaph quoting directly from the book and etched forever into statue. Look for future releases from horror favorites, Bram Stoker, Robert Louis Stevenson, and Oscar Wilde, among others. This statue stands 13 1/4" tall and is produced in a limited, numbered edition. Sculpted by William Paquet. A Quarantine Studio Originals release.

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