G.I. Joe Cobra Ninja Viper 12" figure Comic Con 2011 Sideshow Used

The Cobra Ninja Viper Sixth Scale Figure features:

Articulated Prometheus 1.1 body with over 30 points of articulation
Hand-painted sculpted fabric masked portrait
Hand-painted sculpted armored masked portrait
Fabric vest with COBRA logo
Fabric undershirt
Fabric pants
Fabric belt
Fabric forearm and shin bracers with wraps
Detailed sculpted hand, forearm and shin armor
Fabric sash with pockets
Fabric satchel
Fabric hood
Fabric neck wrap
Sculpted/fabric headband with COBRA logo
One (1) pair standing Tabi boot
One (1) pair action Tabi boot
One (1) pair bare fists
One (1) left flat palm hand
One (1) left relaxed hand
One (1) left cupped hand
One (1) left shuriken hand
One (1) right large C grip hand
One (1) right small C grip hand
One (1) left small C grip hand
One (1) gloved trigger hand
One (1) gloved C grip hand
One (1) pair fists with sculpted Neko-Te claws
Tanto knife with scabbard
Daito sword with scabbard
Shoto sword with scabbard
Naginata spear
Sugegasa hat with hidden Bo shuriken clips
Three (3) Bo shuriken
Six (6) Hira shuriken
9mm submachine gun with folding stock and camouflage deco
Four (4) 9mm submachine gun magazines
Submachine gun silencer
Grappling hook
Waist support extendable figure stand with COBRA stand

Limited Edition.

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used but mint figure package may show minor wear
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