G.I Joe Firefly 12 Inch Figure Exclusive Sideshow Collectibles Used

As the cobra lies in wait, it patiently contemplates its next strike. Some COBRA strikes are designed to demonstrate the full strength and capabilities of the organization, while others are delicate, precise and designed to destabilize the target in one manner or another. The abilities of the saboteur known as FIREFLY exhibit this range of terror. His skills are widely known, and his reputation is global. When COBRA decides to send its message via an act of sabotage, it hires FIREFLY to deliver this message, and the only guarantee FIREFLY will make is that he will collect his payment. His services are non-refundable and have been called upon by COBRA so frequently that he has practically become a member of the organization.

Very little is known of FIREFLY beyond his proficiency in sabotage, infiltration and espionage. Early in his life, FIREFLY was brought into the Koga Ninja Clan, and his aptitude earned him the moniker of Faceless Master. Eventually FIREFLY attempted to aid COBRA COMMANDER in eliminating the man known as SNAKE-EYES as he was training with the Arashikage Clan. This attempt did not succeed but would eventually lead to future encounters with the G.I. JOE team and an ensuing enmity between the two. FIREFLY is ingenious in his capabilities with explosives and can employ them with surgical precision. He is quite frankly a connoisseur of terror thus making him all the more crucial to COBRA's agenda and all the more lethal to G.I.JOE. As the timer counts down, be assured that the damage will be dire...COBRA!

•Pro Body 1.1 with over 30+ points of articulation
•Firefly portrait
•Detailed grey camouflage top with hood
•Detailed grey camouflage pants
•Detailed belt
•Tactical kneepads
•Grey waterproof gaiters
•Grey knit top
•SMG magazine pouch
•Triple magazine pouch
•Radio pouch

•Compass pouch (x2)
•SMG with silencer
•SMG magazines (x4)
•Boot knife with sheath
•Flash bangs (x2)
•Smoke grenades (x2)
•Fragmentation grenades (x5)
•Mines (x4)
•Suitcase bomb
•Radio detonator
•Three sets of interchangeable gloved hands
•12-inch display base with Cobra logo
•Sideshow ExclusiveI.E.D. (Improvised Explosive Device) accessory

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