Gigantic Dark Ultimate Premium Masterline Statue Prime 1 Studio 903178

Sideshow and Prime 1 are proud to present the Ultimate Premium Masterline Guyver – 03: Gigantic Dark from Guyver: The Bioboosted Armor.

The Guyver Gigantic is a greatly enhanced version of the standard Guyver Bio-Armor. What makes this version of the Guyver so special, aside from it is tremendous destructive power, is that it was created through the force of human will. Sho Fukamachi is responsible for bringing the Gigantic into being and has since been using it to undermine Cronos new world order. Although Sho is the one who fashioned the Gigantic with his own will, he is not the only person who can use it. Agito Makishima (Guyver III Unit) can also equip the Gigantic. Equipping the armor requires a superior strength of will, and since Guyvers I and III are no longer allies, they have each attempted to take the Gigantic from the other.

Available: 4th Quarter, 2018
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