God of War 3 Series 01 Hercules by DC Direct

Measuring approximately 7.5” tall, God of War 3 Series 01: Hercules features multiple points of articulation and character-specific accessories. Scarred and muscular, Hercules is clad in sculptured, elaborate armor, complete with leonine helmet with and outsized Nemean Cestus. In the course of acquiring the Flame of Olympus, Kratos is greeted by Hera and is set upon by his half brother, Hercules---serving as the champion of Hera---the latter of whom is eager to kill Kratos and become the new God of War. Hercules, in light of the disparity between the legendary though menial labors tasked him (Hercules) and the more epic adventures of Kratos, voices his suspicion that Kratos was the favored son of Zeus. Hercules unleashes his undead warriors against Kratos before donning the Nemean Cestus to defeat Kratos himself. Succeeding in overpowering Hercules, Kratos gains the final upper hand by commandeering the Cestus and using them to thoroughly pulverize his disgruntled half brother.

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