God of War 3 Series 01 Kratos by DC Direct

Measuring approximately 6.15” tall, God of War 3 Series 01: Kratos features multiple points of articulation and character-specific accessories. Clad in golden armor, the chalky-hued, red-marking-adorned Kratos is equipped with twin blade accessories. At the outset of God of War 3, Kratos participates in the Titans’ assault on Mount Olympus, in the course he is separated from Gaia and deposited in the River Styx and placed in contact with the spectral version of Athena. Battling and vanquishing a handful of deities, Kratos later learns of the continued existence of Pandora’s Box, contained within the Flame of Olympus, prompting him to seek out the box’s key. Learning that Pandora herself is the key capable of extinguishing the flame and battling the Titans to retrieve Pandora from the Labyrinth, Kratos succeeds in reacquiring the box only to ultimately discover that Pandora’s Box, previously used as a weapon against the gods, is now an empty vessel.

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