God of War 3 Series 01 - Zeus by DC Direct

Measuring approximately 6.15” tall, God of War 3 Series 01: Zeus features multiple points of articulation and character-specific accessories. Adorned by iron-grey hair and beard, the saturnine, imperious-looking Zeus is fittingly clad in a voluminous white and gold toga. Declaring an impromptu truce with fellow deities Hades, Helios, Hermes and Poseidon, Zeus organizes a joint defense of Mount Olympus against the onslaught launched by Kratos and the latter’s vengeful allies, the Titans. Though Zeus generates a powerful lightning bolt to separate Kratos from Gaia---forestalling Kratos’ immediate role in the assault and sending the latter into the Underworld---Kratos eventually returns, killing Helios and Hermes in the course of his ascent. After Kratos retrieves Pandora from the Labyrinth, ostensibly to recover Pandora’s Box from the Flames of Olympus, Zeus intercepts Pandora and taunts Kratos into a malicious battle.

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