Guardians of the Galaxy Rocket Raccoon Premium Format Sideshow 300502

I may just be a small, furry animal with a human heart.

There isnt much that were going to say that could make a heavy weapon wielding, smart mouthed, master tactician who just so happens to be a genetically modified and altered raccoon any cooler than he is already is. So, without further ado, Sideshow presents our Rocket Raccoon Premium Format Figure.

Normally we say something like, Standing at an impressive such and such inches tall. However, Rocket is a raccoon. The piece stands an understandable 10 inches tall and is the perfect companion to the Groot Premium Format Figure. Hes the only one that understands the big guy, anyway. No really.

Perfectly capturing his leering charge and overly accessorized weaponry, the Rocket Raccoon Premium Format Figure should not only become a part of your Guardians of the Galaxy collectionbut he could lead them.

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