Halo Reach Series 3 Medic Trooper and Radio Trooper Figure Mcfarlane

* UNSC Trooper Support Staff Medic Trooper and Radio Trooper figures from the Halo: Reach video game!
* Detailed and articulated action figures, with accessories!
* Collect them all!

Series 1 brought you the straightforward offense of the Light and Heavy Troopers; Series 3 reinforces the Trooper ranks with two of the Army's "support staff:" the Medic Trooper and Radio Trooper. The Medic is equipped with the standard Magnum sidearm; the Radioman includes his specialized communications gear and a Shotgun for close-quarters combat. They're the perfect personnel for your UNSC Warthog, or assisting your Noble Six in a fireteam deployment. Both detailed and articulated action figures each stand 5-inches tall, come with weapons and average over 20 points of articulation. Get yours now, soldier!

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