Hero Type: Female (Od Green) by Triad Toys

And yet another one of the most requested items to be added to the Triad Style roster is the colored spandex jumpsuit. Jumpsuits are the most versatile, widely used, piece of clothing for any action fan. Yet, they can be easily botched with very simple mistakes; a wrong cut, choice of fabric, or colors can make the simplest suit go bad. These particular suits are made to be used for additional add-ons such as tactical armors, weapons harnesses and vests. Most collectors also tend to forget that if you put a pair of pants over it, it becomes a stealth tactical suit. The Hero Type suits are made of a rigid spandex and can expand quite a bit and will accommodate most bodies. Seams are hidden in the back with an adjustable durable Velcro patch. Be careful not to over stretch to avoid tear at the seamlines or stitch areas.

The "Hero Type" outfit set consists of the bodysuit only and no other items. Please remember to choose your color carefully before purchasing.

PLEASE NOTE that any other items not specifically stated above to be included in this set, including but not limited to the head, body, hands, weapons, accessories, sunglasses, motorcycle, guns, swords, harnesses, packs, or any other accessories pictured, are not included with this product.

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