Hot Toys Terminator T-800 1/6 Arnold Schwarzenegger T2

Hot toys has released full press images and information on the all new mms terminator judgement day t-800 1/6 scale figure.The figure will have a newly developed rubber upper body with pvc material limbs which will highly imitate arnold's muscular physique from the t2 movie. The t-800 figure will stand even taller with approximately 32 cm in height and will feature over 30 points of articulation. As an added bonus the figure will include an interchangeable left forearm featuring a bloody and articulated endoskeleton.Detailed accessories:- a pistol
- a shotgun
- black leather-like jacket and pants, grey-color t-shirt and black-color movie accurate boots.
- Leather-like belt with buckle
- gold-color rose box with a bunch of 6 red roses
- black-lens sunglasses with black-color frame
- figure base with t800 nameplate and movie logo

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