IJN Yamoto (Japan)

"The Yamato class battleships of the Imperial Japanese Navy were the largest naval vessels during World War II. Yamato, together with Musashi, made little impact during World War II. In October 1944, Yamato opened on US escort carriers and destroyers and it was the first and last of its battles with enemy ships. It has seen little action during the past four years. Yamato was sent on a planned suicide mission against the U.S. Navy forces attack on Okinawa. On April 7, 1945, Yamato was hit by successive waves of US carrier based aircraft and sank after absorbing 8 bombs and 13 torpedo hits. Out of 3332 crew, fewer than 300 onboard survived. The Yamato has a speed of 27 knots and a range of 7,200 nautical miles at 16 knots. "

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