Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess Wolf Link & Midna Statue

First 4 Figures presents the second in their 1/4-scale "Master Arts" line of The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess pieces - Wolf Link and Midna. Wolf Link is the sacred blue beast in Twilight Princess, transformed into his lupine form due to the influence of the ever-expanding twilight over Hyrule. His whole body changes, leaving him only his earrings and blue eyes. In his new form, Midna rides on his back, giving Link directions. One of the Twili, Midna is descended from a race of wielders of powerful and evil magic. At 1/4-scale, Wolf Link and Midna stand roughly 15" tall and 15 1/2" long. Cast in high-quality polystone, the hand-finished, hand-painted statue is limited to 750 pieces worldwide and comes with a hand-numbered base and Certificate of Authenticity.

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