Legends Bodhi Dharma 12 Inch Collectible Figure by Triad Toys

While many legends exist, few can dispute that Bodhi Dharma is the founder of Zen Buddhism in China and Japan. The son of a wealthy Brahman king of Southern India, Dharma traveled east to Southern China to preach the teachings of zen. He eventually crossed the Yangtze River and continued north until he arrived at a small monastery called the Shaolin Temple.

Monks at the Shaolin Temple were peaceful and did not practice martial arts. Dharma’s emphasis on self-enlightenment and strength introduced radical preset forms of martial arts to the monastery. Hailed as the father of the Han Shaolin Fist, Bodhi Dharma has been long recognized as one of the most significant influences in Chinese martial arts as we know – establishing the Shaolin Temple as the revered martial arts epicenter of the world.

Triad Toys is proud to debut the much anticipated Legends line with Bodhi Dharma. The Legends series is Triad’s unique take on mythical and legendary heroes. This product line is one of our longest running passion projects that we want to see produced. Every character is envisioned with the same style and quality you’ve come to love about Triad Toys. No detail is left out of this figure – his clothes are meticulously designed with multiple layers and choice fabrics, he comes with four (4) pairs of hands for all the kung-fu poses you can possibly imagine, his headsculpt is wildly imaginative and hand-painted to perfection, his weapon utilizes the ATAC system and converts into five different weapons! To guarantee the highest level of detail and collectability, Dharma is a limited production of only 200 pieces worldwide!

The Legends: Bodhi Dharma 12 Inch Collectible Figure comes with:

- Omega 12 Inch Figure body with over 35 points of articulation (includes new torso suit)
- Stylized Headsculpt (by Johnny Sun and William Liu) and hand painted to perfection
- Monk's Outer Robe
- Monk's Inner Robe with hand-made detailed buttons
- Monk's Trousers
- Pair of Cloth Socks
- Canvas Belt
- Canvas Leg Ties
- Pair of Fabric Wrist Braces
- Pair of Detailed Monk's Sandals
- Real Metal Hand-made Bead Necklace
- Pair of Weapon Holding Hands
- Pair of Fisted Pose Hands
- Pair of Palm Pose Hands
- Pair of Power Pose Hands
- ATAC Monk's Staff (includes a total of 13 parts): Weapon is completely modular and can convert to any configuration, including the long bo, short bo, Shaolin cane, single-handed spade, single-handed crescent blade, long dual headed monk's spade and crescent, tri-pole nunchaku, and nunchaku. Weapon can be utilized with other Triad ATAC weapons.

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